Tony Bennett – Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 (2016)

Notes: Recorded live at Radio City Music Hall to celebrate a true jazz legend’s 90th birthday.

Dave White Jazz Orchestra – Live at Midday Jazz (2016)
David White, Music Director; Angelo DiLoreto, Piano; Alexi David, Bass; Paul Francis, Drums

Notes: A good recording of David’s compositions and arrangements done live in and in concert in NYC.

Brian Newman – Eyes On The City (2016)
Brian Newman, Trumpet/Vocals; Steve Kortyka, Tenor Sax; Alex Smith, Piano/Organ; Scott Ritchie, Bass; Paul Francis, Drums

Notes: This album was recorded in the midst of the band touring with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. A great mix of jazz standards and contemporary tunes.

Tony_Bennett_and_Lady_Gaga_-_Cheek_to_CheekTony Bennett/Lady Gaga – Cheek to Cheek (2014)
*Grammy Award Winning Album*
Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, Vocals; Brian Newman, Trumpet; Steve Kortyka, Tenor Sax; Alex Smith, Piano; Scott Ritchie, Bass; Paul Francis, Drums

Notes: Two mega stars meet to record an album of jazz classics. This album won a Grammy in 2015.

ohjaOhJa (2012)
Daisuke Abe, Guitar; Paul Francis, Drums; Steve Kortyka, Tenor Sax; Alex Smith,Organ

Notes: All the material on this album is composed and/or arranged by the members of this group including 2 arrangements by Paul.

Lady Gaga – A Very Gaga Holiday (2011)
Lady Gaga, vocals; Brian Newman, trumpet; Steve Kortyka, tenor sax; Alex Smith, piano; Scott Ritchie, bass; Paul Francis, drums

Notes: Lady Gaga is about all you have to say!

Larry B. and the Real Deal – The Art of the Deal (2002)
Larry Burch, Guitar and Vocals; Jon Eshelman, B3 Organ and Vocals; Paul Francis, Drums

Notes: One of Paul’s first full length recordings, this CD is predominantly bluesy material. At the time of this recording, the band had been playing this material live for quite a while and recorded all the tracks in a short 5 hour session. Some really fun and crowd pleasing music here.

Tater Tots of Love Cast Recording – Music by Stefan Farrenkopf (2005)

Notes: This musical was written and composed by high school english teacher Stefan Farrenkopf and first performed by his students at the school where he teaches. Now it has been performed across the world. The music is great and Paul was happy to be a part of this production from it’s very first performance.

David White Jazz Orchestra – Flashpoint (2011)

Notes: Interesting writing that features many different players in the band and some ensemble work as well. Recorded at Skyline Studios in NYC.

Dave Kain Group – Kain is Able (2011)
Dave Kain, guitar; Matt Garrison, Sean Nowell and Travis Sullivan, saxophones; Jason Colby, trumpet; Ryan Berg, bass; Paul Francis, drums.

Notes: This CD combines Dave’s fantastic writing with a really great band. Everything from swinging tunes to odd time signature numbers that challenge both the players and listeners. Recorded at Tedesco Studios, NJ.

Ken Fowser/Behn Gillece – Full View (2008)
Ken Fowser, tenor sax; Behn Gillece, vibraphone; David Hazeltine, piano; Adam Cote, bass; Paul Francis, drums.

Notes: Recorded at Systems 2 in Brooklyn, NY. A nice collection of standard repetoire as well as some new compositions. David Hazeltine appears as a special guest on this CD with a band that was working quite a bit at the time of the recording.

David Coss – I Love New York (2008)

Notes: Every piece on this CD is composed by Per Salemyr, but they sound like the old standards we all know and love. Recorded at Avatar Studios, NYC.

Brian Newman – Live from New York (2012)
Brian Newman, trumpet and vocals; Alex Smith, organ; Paul Francis, drums

Notes: Recorded live in July 2011 at the famous Oak Room in NYC. This is One of Brian’s current working bands that had over a years worth of live dates before recording this album.

maxseigelMax Seigel – Siphonophore (2012)
Max Seigel, composer/arranger and bass trombone; Doug Weiss, bass; Doug Purviance, bass trombone; David Taylor, bass trombone; Kenny Berger, baritone sax; Frank Basile, baritone sax; Paul Francis, drums

Notes: Max is a triple threat of a musician. A great composer, arranger and player. This album was recorded at Sear Sound in NYC.